Since 1926, Spring Air has garnered wide recognition for its series of innovative mattresses and sleep sets for single, queen and king size mattress beds. The company’s founder, Francis Karr, was a visionary himself as he patented a free-end offset coil design that accommodates and adjusts accordingly to the sleeper’s weight, amongst other revolutionary features which made a significant impact in the bedding industry. Spring Air mattress represents the pinnacle of consistent quality and comfort as it stays true to its commitment of innovative design, quality and value. Today, it is a global brand with 13 domestic factories and international licensees in more than 30 countries.

Finding the best mattress that doesn’t comprise of cheap materials and good workmanship can result in a huge difference between getting a good night’s sleep to help you kick start into a productive day or facing a terrible, sleepless night that makes you feel worn out and tired in the morning. When it is a necessity to get 8 hours of sleep daily, it is equally vital to upgrade your bed with a good mattress for a restful slumber that is also beneficial to your overall wellness.

Invest in your sleep with Spring Air Singapore which offers various collections with innovative features that provide maximum support available for queen size and king size beds as well as single mattress size. Our affordable mattress offers the best deal for your next purchase. The selection of Spring Air mattress lines includes Comfort Flex, Sleep Sense and Back Supporter, designed to suit your body and needs.

Spring Air is committed to be your trusted mattress provider in Singapore that brings you sale prices without compromising on total superior comfort for you and your whole family.