4 Sleeping Positions That Is Beneficial For Your Health

4 Sleeping Positions That Is Beneficial For Your Health

Buying a quality queen size mattress in Singapore is not enough to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Quality of sleep is paramount, not just for its fulfilling nature but also for health reasons. Also, when you sleep, what really makes a good night’s sleep is the sleep position you put yourself in throughout the night.

Back issues and spine disorders can happen due to certain sleep positions. If you are constantly struggling with back pains, you might want to master sleep positions that alleviate your pain, even if it means switching positions frequently.

While you may not instantly implement a sleeping position, you can train yourself to adapt.  Who knows? This could be the secret to the fulfilling sleep that you have been missing out on.

It is true that one particular sleep position cannot work for everyone. Each person is different. This means that we can’t really tell what the right sleeping position for you is. The best sleep position is a matter of personal preference.

Here are four of the most common sleep positions:

1. Fetal position

The fetal sleep position is undoubtedly one of the most common sleep positions.

This position has a lot of health benefits and is the number one go-to position for preventing snoring episodes in the night.

It is also the position that is recommended for pregnant women and those patients suffering from lower back pain.

As much as it is widely advocated, the fetal sleeping position has its own disadvantages. For instance, it is a no-go for people with joint issues because you may wake up feeling very sore. This position also limits deep breathing and is thus not comfortable, especially for big-bodied people.

2. On your side

When you are sleeping on your sides, it is recommended that you sleep on your left side.

This sleeping position helps reduce snoring and is perfect for improving digestion. It has also been found out that this position can help prevent any possibilities of heartburn.

On the point of heartburn, researchers have concluded that sleeping on the right side predisposes you to heartburns. So, you may want to switch your positions regularly when you sleep.

3. On your stomach

Lying on your stomach is only indicated for snoring and prevention of sleep apnea. The benefits, however, do not extend further than these two.

For this reason, this position ranks last among the best sleep positions to try at home.

4. Flat on your back

This position is not the most popular, though it is the one with the most health benefits. Not only does it protect your spine from unnecessary strain, but it alleviates pain in the hips or knees.

While sleeping in this position, put a pillow behind your knee to support the curve of your spine. This position, however, is not favourable for patients suffering from sleep apnea, lower back pain or snoring.


Any given sleep position is only best depending on the specific condition it helps to manage.

The sleep position that works for one person may not work for another. Pairing it together with a good bed like a pocket spring mattress in Singapore makes it more helpful.

Keep trying out different positions until you figure out the one that works best for you.

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