Care Tips: How To Make Your Mattress Last For A Longer Time

Care Tips: How To Make Your Mattress Last For A Longer Time

Your ventures with your mattress shouldn’t just end with its purchase.

You have to care for your mattress to ensure its durability, and this applies to all mattresses, including a pocket spring mattress in Singapore.

Ideally, the lifespan of a good mattress is about 10 years, but only if you treat it well. Here are some of the things you can do to make sure your mattress lasts longer:

1. Flip your mattress regularly

When you flip your mattress regularly, you balance the wear and tear on either side.

But what do you do when your mattress is the one-sided pillow-top type? Well, just rotate it to 180 degrees.

Sleeping on one spot every day predisposes your mattress to wear and tear in that particular section. However, there are certain mattresses called new generation mattresses. These are made with customized layers that do not necessarily require flipping. However, they can still be rotated occasionally.

Mattresses that require the occasional 180-degree rotation include memory foam, innerspring, hybrid and a latex mattress in Singapore.

You should check with the instructions given by your mattresses’ manufacturer if the type you bought requires flipping and/or rotation.

2. Try vacuuming your mattress

This may sound out of the ordinary, but you should vacuum your mattress if you want to increase its durability.

Just like other techniques, vacuuming should preferably be done twice a year.

When you sleep on your bed, you sweat a lot and occasionally release drool onto your mattress. These factors, coupled with dust, and potential allergens, are known to build-up in mattresses over time.

Most experts in home maintenance advise that you can vacuum your mattress every time you flip it, though just doing it twice every year is okay.

To vacuum your mattress, start by removing all the covering linens. You can then spend as much time as convenient for you to clean your mattress.

3. Purchase a padded mattress cover

Most people warn not to jump on the mattress or eat food while sitting on the bed. Why?

Jumping on the bed elicits mechanical damage to the mattress. While foods with fluid components can spill on the bed and then accumulate as more dirt.

This is why we recommend that you buy a mattress cover that has adequate padding. This cover will protect your mattress from any food particles from reaching the mattress.

Another benefit is that the padding reduces the pressure exerted on your mattress. This will increase the time it takes for your mattress to start thinning out due to wear and tear.


You definitely do not want to waste thousands of dollars on a mattress that gets damaged before its expected lifespan elapses.

You can enact specific in-house rules such as no eating or drinking and no jumping on beds the bed to preserve your mattress.

Moreover, there are other DIY techniques on how to make your mattress last longer, which you can easily replicate at home in your own time.

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