Back Supporter

The Spring Air Back Supporter series offers freedom from sleepless nights! Be who you aspire to be and start your day emitting vibrance from a good night’s sleep as you voyage to achieve eminence.

NEU-Temp Foam

Advanced open-cell temperature neutral formulation, NEU-Temp foam is made of premium density convoluted polyfoam which provides superior conformance and support to ensure proper spinal alignment.


Memory Foam

(available in selected models only)

The excellent choice for pressure relief, memory foams are made of temperature sensitive visco-elastic material which reacts to the body temperature and molds according to the exact profile of your body. The unique shock absorbent properties of the memory foam also isolate motion transfer to provide undisturbed sleep.


(available in selected models only)

Best known for their durability, superior pressure relieving properties and excellent breathability, latex foams are made from the milky sap harvested from the rubber tree. It is naturally anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

Nano Pocketed Spring

(available in selected models only)

Made from thinner and more flexible wire, the nano pocketed spring acts as both a support and comfort layer of the mattress by adapting to your body and relieve any pressure. The perforated fabric used for the nano pocket spring ensures continuous airflow through the mattress.

7 Zone Individual Pocketed Spring

Advanced pocketed spring system which provides unparalleled support for the head to toe. The spring unit is soft on initial compression and firmer on deeper compression allowing it to form a pressure relieving cradle to your unique body contour. Being independent of one another, pocketed springs are also well known to minimize motion transfer and allowing an uninterrupted sleep.