Comfort Flex


The Spring Air Comfort Flex series, available in Singapore, is a collection of our pioneering innovations and sleep technology which solidified the foundation of many of our signature mattresses. Rich in heritage, the series encompasses our brand’s commitment to deliver innovative design, value and quality. Between memory foam, latex and pocket spring mattress, finding the ideal bed for you that fits your body best doubles as a great long-term investment for many in Singapore to achieve a good night’s sleep.


NEU-Temp Foam

Made with advanced open-cell temperature neutral formulation, NEU-Temp foam is a premium density convoluted polyfoam that offers superior support and conformance to ensure proper spinal alignment. It convolutes and contours to the sleeper which helps to alleviate pain and pressure points in sensitive areas of the body such as shoulders, lumbar and neck.


(available in selected models only)

Latex mattresses are best known for their durability, breathability and its superior pressure-reliving properties. Typically made from environmentally friendly materials such as a rubber tree’s milky sap, latex mattress is also naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Memory Foam

(available in selected models only)

Memory foams outperforms as a great pick for pressure relief. It is derived from a temperature sensitive visco-elastic material that reacts to the body’s temperature and moulds itself accordingly to the sleeper’s body for contouring support. A memory foam mattress contains a unique shock absorbent property that isolates motion transfer, especially for bed-sharers, to provide undisturbed sleep.

5 Zone Individual Pocketed Spring

Made of high quality steel carbon, a pocket spring mattress comprises of a 5 zone individual pocketed spring system that provides additional support for different areas of your body. Because these springs work completely independent of one another, it will minimize motion transfer and perfectly compress on differing weight distribution, adapting to each sleeper’s unique body contour and sleeping position.