The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Mattress For Infants

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Mattress For Infants

Babies spend a significant proportion of each day snoozing in their cots or prams. As a caring parent, it is critical to consider what they are sleeping on. You’ve got to choose not just the safest material but also the most comfortable mattress when selecting a cot mattress for your child.

A bad mattress for your baby could mean that you lose your sleep or worse for the child.

Babies’ mattresses come in special shapes and sizes according to the cot. They are unlike adult mattresses, where a queen size mattress in Singapore means a standard size regardless of which part of the island you are in.

Other properties of babies’ mattresses such as firmness, size, and venting also vary from adult mattresses.

Here’s how you can use these properties and more to pick out a mattress for your baby.


A must check for your baby’s mattress is its firmness. As a rule of thumb, firmer mattresses are better for babies over softer ones. Softer mattresses are not only uncomfortable for babies but also pose a hazard for the infant.

Studies indicate that infants who sleep on soft surfaces have a higher risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

But you can prevent all these anxieties by simply purchasing a firm mattress. You can check the firmness by pressing the mattress – especially the centre and edges– and let it go. A firm mattress will snap back to its original shape immediately.

Mattress Size

You may think that the size for a cot mattress is an obvious check and that you shouldn’t spend time reading on how to choose the right size. But, that’s not so, size matters!

Most cribs use a standard size mattress, just like adult queen size mattresses, however, you should double check the size of a cot mattress before you buy.

The choice mattress should be an exact fit into your child’s cot. There shouldn’t be any space between the mattress and the crib walls. However, there are instances where the crib is slightly larger.

If that’s you, don’t let the gap exceed two inches or two fingers wide. Such a gap would increase the risk of injury or suffocation.

Check the Venting

Your child’s mattress should have sufficient vents to allow for increased airflow, especially if it is an organic latex mattress in Singapore. An excellent supply of air boosts your child’s sleep, keeps off mould, and bad odours.

A mattress with good venting enhances comfortable sleep for your baby and also keeps away possible allergies and ailments.

Consider Buying an Organic Mattress

In Singapore, latex mattresses are reputed to be amongst the best mattresses to avoid allergies for adults. The same goes for baby cot mattresses.

Emerging studies have revealed that synthetic mattresses release volatile compounds and gasses even long after their departure from the store. Synthetic foam mattresses could expose your child to these harmful emissions that could result in ailments and allergies.

Lastly, Don’t Focus on the Warranty

Warranties are consoling and reassuring. However, they have also been used as excellent marketing statements.

A good quality mattress is durable and can serve you for several years.

Don’t be swayed by ostentatious and elaborate warranty statements. Instead, focus on the properties of the mattress.

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