Tips To Follow To Give Your Latex Mattress The Care It Needs

Tips To Follow To Give Your Latex Mattress The Care It Needs

When did you take a look at the care instructions on your clothing? It’s probably been a while, that’s if you’ve ever look at it

The same goes for your home appliances or your latex mattress. It’s very unlikely that you’ve ever had a look at the care instructions.

Even if you’ve never bothered to learn to how to care for an expensive latex mattress, below is a step by step guide on how to care for your latex mattress and ensure that you keep it in mint condition.

First, Ensure You Have a Removable and Cleanable Cover

If you’ve just bought a new latex mattress in Singapore, the next item on your shopping list should be a washable cover. It is vital for the mattress to have a cover. First, it keeps dust and other unwanted microscopic organisms at bay and also to protect it from any damage.

A removable cover is much better than a fixed one because you can change it whenever you feel like it and cleaning it is very easy. Moreover, whenever you change the cover, your latex mattress will feel and look brand new.

How cool is that!

Avoid Exposing it to Direct Sunlight

This is the part where we tell you not to follow your grandma’s advice. Well, at least in this case. You should not expose your latex mattress to direct sunlight because it will damage your mattress.

Yes, direct sunlight will damage your new latex mattress.

Sunlight causes latex to oxidise. Oxidising causes the elements in the mattress to break down; it distorts the physical properties and reduces the lifespan. Since Singapore is in the in the tropics, even a brief exposure could cause significant damage.

Vacuum It

Grandma would at least agree on this one. All mattresses are dust magnets, whether it’s a pocket spring mattress, a memory foam mattress or even a latex mattress. You are at risk of harboring dust, dust mites, and many other allergens and microorganisms. If you don’t clean it often, it could be the reason behind your allergic reactions or worse, you could be courting some sickness.

But you can mitigate the risk by vacuuming your latex mattress at least once every 3 months. How hard can that be? It’ll keep it clean and free of dust, allergens, and a host of other microorganisms so that you can rest better.

Finally, Get Rid of the Stains Immediately

Sometimes we can’t avoid eating ice cream in bed or having breakfast in bed. In fact, we love lounging around in our queen sized bed in Singapore. But the downside is that you could accidentally spill it right on to your mattress.

Luckily, if you took the first tip and got a mattress cover for your latex mattress, the stain won’t go too deep.

However, if you are yet to get a mattress cover, stop whatever you are doing and clean up the spot. Even if you have a mattress cover, don’t hesitate to stop the stain from seeping through to the mattress. Just use a bit of laundry detergent mixed with water and rub out the stain, then dry the mattress using an absorbent dry towel and hairdryer.

If you don’t, your latex mattresses will absorb the moisture and mold or mildew could grow.

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