Tips On Customising Your Mattress The Way You Want It

Tips On Customising Your Mattress The Way You Want It

No matter the amount of marketing noise that you hear out there about memory foam or pocket spring mattresses in Singapore, there is no certain scientific evidence to suggest that one mattress is best for everyone.

Most sleep specialists will instead say that the ideal mattress for a person is a matter of personal choice and his or her unique physical condition. One can say that a mattress is like a pair of shoes; only the wearer/sleeper, knows the fit and the pinch.

Since we spend nearly a third of our lives on mattresses, it is worth the while and the effort to try and customise it the way you want it. After all, it is an investment that could be with you for the next seven to ten years.

Here’s how you can do it

Get a Mattress That Keeps Your Backbone Aligned

Backaches are common in Singapore but few people connect them with their mattresses. If you have a soft mattress that doesn’t keep your backbone aligned it could be the cause of your misery. As you shop for a mattress, make sure that you insist on a mattress that has a guarantee on the firmness and can align your back.

If you are frequently at the doctors because of a backache or get backaches because you spend lots of time seated a firm memory foam mattress is just what you need to alleviate your condition.

Customise your Sleeping Space

Sometimes your preference can differ from your partner. This is including the physical differences that affect your sleep such as body weight. Rather than stick with the dilemma of a situation you are both not happy with, you can get two single mattress size of different firmness then adjoin them to form one Queen size bed. Then your favourite sleeping side can really be your custom mattress.

Just as a general rule, the lighter one will sleep on the softer side.

Customise against Allergens and Medical Conditions

Scientists and physicians have shown that people with certain allergies and medical conditions sleep better on a particular mattress style. You can make this style your special style. If you have allergies or conditions such as asthma, beds and mattresses marketed as hypoallergenic are quite a catch for you. This might be just marketing language.

Dust mites are known to thrive just about anywhere and they feed on just about anything. So finding them in your “hypoallergenic mattress” may not be so strange. Instead of wallowing, wondering if you are stuck with the discomfort you can cover the mattress with an antiseptic and washable material. It will prevent the dust mites and allergens from getting to you. It will also prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Make Your Mattress Cooler

You can also attach two mattresses on the surface or get a double layer memory foam mattress to enhance the cooling effect. If you are the type who perspire heavily at night, this is a quick and excellent way to keep cool and avoid those embarrassing mornings.

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