Tips To Create The Perfect Sleep Environment For Toddlers

Tips To Create The Perfect Sleep Environment For Toddlers

The healthy development of a toddler relies on many factors, sleep being one of them.

Your child needs to be able to sleep well throughout the night so that they can feel rested when they wake up. Some of the reasons that you may not have a well sleeping toddler may be,

Too hot or cold

If the temperature in the room that the child is sleeping is not appropriate, then the child might keep waking up. If it is too hot, then they will be sweating all night long hence making them toss and turn, but if it too cold they may start shivering. It is advisable for the room to be around 20-22 degree celsius. This will neither be too hot nor too cold and the child can comfortably get rest.


Just as light may distract a grown up from sleeping, in the same way, toddlers get affected. You need to have their lights switched off and the windows covered by drapes or blinds that don’t allow light in the room. You should be attentive to whatever areas that may stream in light; it may be hallway light or a gadget in the room that has beeping lights. Remove such devices and switch off light around the baby’s room. Remove anything that might have a light on like a mobile phone, iPad, tablet or even a TV if there is one in the room that the toddler is sleeping inside.


Noise can come from anywhere in the house, be it a full movie that the other family members are watching, a squeaky toy accidentally left on the bed, music from the neighbors or machines that you use at home like blenders.

You should prepare firm measures to ensure that there is minimal to no noise when the toddler is sleeping.

Bed and Mattress

The bed and the mattress that the toddler is sleeping on can be the cause of frequent sleep interruptions at night. The toddler should rest on a comfortable mattress such as memory foam mattresses, which can be found in Singapore, for them to sleep well. The bed should be in good condition to carry the child’s weight. It shouldn’t have broken rails or be wobbly. If you notice that there is a problem with the bed, take steps to get a new one. It is recommended that if you get a new bed, to get a new mattress for it as well so that they will last longer and fit each other perfectly.

Remember to keep the toddler from taking naps that are long during the daytime because that may make them not sleep well at night. A healthy baby is a happy baby, and when they get their rest, they grow well physically and mentally.

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