Tips To Have Better Back Health For Desk Workers

Tips To Have Better Back Health For Desk Workers

People with desk jobs face the unique problem of experiencing excruciating back pain quite early in their lives. Sedentary lifestyle itself is to blame, and when you add poor sitting postures or poor chair quality then it’s certainly going to have a very bad impact on your back’s health. It als0 matters whether you use a high quality pocket spring mattress in Singapore or just another cheap mattress. Most office people spend their time in their office chair and in poor postures. Coming home to the most ergonomic, best mattress in Singapore can provide your spine some much-needed relief. Of course, poor ergonomics coupled with improper sitting style often damages the spine and people start experiencing back pain for the rest of their lives.

Here are some secret tips to prevent damages to the back:

Active lifestyle:

Deskwork compels a person to sit in the same position for a long time and this badly impacts the shape of the spine. However, you can prevent the damages by maintaining an active lifestyle. It’s important that your exercise your core, which includes abdomen, pelvis and back muscles at least twice a week. The exercises primarily comprise of crunches, bridges, sit-ups, and planks. You can learn the techniques from your therapist or gym trainer to do the exercises in the proper form.

Ergonomic Furniture and Equipment:

Now, most furniture at the office should have an ergonomic design, even for something as small as a keyboard. This implies that all the objects used should be designed for optimum human usage. Check the height of your chair, table, phone, monitor, and keyboard properly so that you don’t have to strain your body while working.

A good chair can make a world of difference:

Investing on a good chair is a great idea to relieve the pressure on your back. A high-quality, ergonomically designed chair will offer the right level of comfort while working. The armrests or footrests must be adjusted properly so that they provide necessary support when you sit on the chair. Don’t forget to check the lumbar support as it’s essential for providing support to your spine.

Standing desks are good for your back:

There’s nothing better than the standing desks as they give you the option of working without putting any kind of pressure on your back.

Practice sitting up straight:

A proper posture while working at your desk is imperative to enjoying healthy back. Don’t slouch on your chair or lean forward while working as that puts unnecessary pressure on the back. Also you need to put the monitor in straight line with your eyes so that you don’t have to change your position while working on your computer.

Take short breaks:

Taking short breaks not only help your mind to relax but also relieves any kind of built up pressure on the spine.

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