Tips To Turn Your Boring Bedroom Glamorous

Tips To Turn Your Boring Bedroom Glamorous

Bedrooms tend to be easily forgotten because of the privacy aspect. Many people think since the guests will not come to the bedroom, there is no need to give it a second thought because, as long as there is a bed, it will serve its purpose. However, your bedroom should be as stylish as the rest of your house as it’s an important part of your home too.

There are many ways to turn a boring bedroom into a work of art, and you don’t have to spend a lot when doing that. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Put up Mirrors

Mirrors have a way of turning any room into an elegant space. You can choose different shapes whether it is round, square, rectangular or even triangles. You can also have one or two mirrors strategically placed on the wall. The transformation will be amazing and practical too.

Invest in Beddings

If you want to have glamour in your bedroom, then your bedding must be able to depict that. Having the best mattress in Singapore will speak volumes when it comes to your taste of linens. A bad mattress can never give you the feeling of a good night’s sleep, so be sure to invest in a good quality mattress such as a pocket spring mattress. You can change the headboard to be more appealing as well. Buy beddings that have matching pillowcases and duvet covers. You can add the glam by having four pillows instead of two.

Have a Rug

Rugs have become a huge statement piece. Placing one at the foot of your bed can give it a wow factor in a heartbeat. Choose a rug that matches the overall theme and feel of the room to create a cohesive and balanced appearance.


The kind of lighting that you choose can give the room a spectacular look. Having big windows that bring in natural light with beautiful window treatments will give the place a natural yet classy look. You can decide to have blinds or drapes depending on your preference. If you go for curtains, then you can have them have the same print or colour as the carpet or anything else in the room. You can also have bedside lamps with modern stands to add classy little details in the bedroom.


Hanging some picture in the bedroom can change the way the room looks. If you like standing art, you can find the right size and place it in the room. The art piece should accentuate the room instead of overwhelming it. The art that you hang should also be framed for a clean look. You can have one, two or even three framed pictures at the head of the bed.

Have Some Plants

Putting a plant in the bedroom will help in the overall aesthetic of the room. They have a way of bringing vibrancy and life to a space. In addition, they can help to bring freshness to your room while also improving the air quality in it.

Having all this done is great, but you have to observe hygiene too. A clean room is always the best step to glam a room. Keep your clothes neatly folded or hanged in the closet. If you have enough space, you can put a chair or couch in the bedroom. This is where you can read and relax.

Even though you are going for a glamorous look, you can always mix modern and traditional pieces. Put a modern lamp on top of an old drawer and vice versa. You are the one who will sleep there so let your personality be visible as well.

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