What are the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

What are the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses aren’t new in the market but their popularity over the past two decades has certainly transformed this expensive mattress into an affordable alternative to the spring beds. The change in people’s attitude has been brought about by the comfort and support offered by the best mattress in Singapore. As customers, we are always motivated by the discounts and price drops; the memory foam mattress has undergone substantial price cuts and is now fall into the category of cheap mattresses in Singapore.

Driven by curiosity, many would like to learn about the true benefits of using memory foam mattress and understand why it’s the best mattress Singapore. Here’s a lowdown on the top benefits of using memory foam mattress:

Relief at Pressure Points:

Visco foam used in the memory foam mattresses was originally developed to be used for a variety of medical applications. They were used to provide comfort, support and cushion to patients admitted to intensive care units of hospitals and also put into the wheelchair cushions. Lying down in the supine position for longer periods can hinder the blood circulation and also damage the soft tissues in the body. Memory foams, on the other hand, can relieve the pressure and prevent the occurrence of sores as well as pain in the sensitive areas of the body.

Unlike pocket spring mattresses, memory foam tends to adjust to the shape of our bodies and doesn’t offer resistance to the bodyweight. Thus, the “push back” mechanism that we get to experience with other materials like spring is completely missing.

Supporting the spine:

Nothing can beat memory foam mattress when it comes to supporting the back or spine. Every inch of your body will be well supported through uniform weight distribution. As mentioned earlier, these mattresses are quite capable of contouring to our body curves, so it easily supports the lower back and spine.

Relief from pain:

The support coupled with the relief at the pressure points is a great technology that not only alleviates the current pain but also prevents pain in the future. Memory foam mattress owners believe that they have the best mattress Singapore because a majority of them experienced reduced back and shoulder pain.

Can accommodate a variety of positions:

Irrespective of whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back, or stomach, the memory foam mattresses have been designed to provide extra comfort and support to your body. The Visco foam has again been designed to cradle and mold so that you can sleep according to your most preferred and comfortable position.

Motion adjustment:

Tossing and turning on traditional mattresses produce unnecessary motion that prevents proper rest. This leads to a disturbed sleep; however, the best mattress Singapore easily solves this problem as it remains unaffected by the motion.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the numerous benefits memory foam mattresses have to offer. Sleep is a fundamental and important aspect to your health, therefore, ensuring a good night’s sleep should always be a priority.

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