What Are The Types of Mattresses Best For Babies?

What Are The Types of Mattresses Best For Babies?

As a new parent, you must be really anxious while choosing clothes, toiletries, crib, and the mattress for your little one. Well, it’s quite natural that you want to get only the best for your child but trying to find the best mattress in Singapore without proper research and knowledge is similar to rowing the boat without any rowing experience. Returning to the subject of choosing a suitable mattress for your baby, you actually have a plethora of styles and make to choose from.

Singapore is experiencing population explosion like never before and baby product manufacturing companies are cashing on the trend. As far as a good mattress in Singapore is concerned, you can choose to go with spring interior, cotton, natural fibre, or latex mattresses. There’re some companies that even offer a combination of all the above. Some parents even take the pain of ordering custom-made mattresses using the preferred materials. This is more common among parents who like to get a smaller mattress for a small baby cot.

Well, the above options might confuse you further but the good news is that you don’t need to lose your night’s sleep over that. Experts emphasise on choosing a firm mattress such as pocket spring mattress (not the extra-soft ones) that won’t sag and also doesn’t undergo wears and tears quickly. Here’s some more information to help you buy a good mattress in Singapore for your little one:

Foam mattresses: These mattresses are inexpensive ones compared to their counterparts and often come with a PVC cover for easy cleaning and protection. You will commonly find this in mattresses imported from other countries. It’s advisable to choose mattresses between 8cm and 10cm in thickness that provide extra comfort and support to your baby while they sleep. These are usually lightweight, but the PVC cover can be a reason for discomfort during summer.

Spring interior mattresses: Well, these are a bit more sophisticated in make and comprises of coiled springs covered with foam and cotton fabric. Usually, one side of the mattress is made out of cotton fabric while the other side is made out of plastic. Spring interior mattresses are known for offering greater support and better comfort. However, spring mattresses offered by renowned brands are expensive, so you will have to cough up more to get a good mattress in Singapore for your baby.

Natural fibre mattresses: Coir mattress is the most popular form of natural fibre mattresses, and it uses coconut husk coated with latex as the base material. The cover usually comprises of soft cotton. It’s quite difficult to find mattresses made from sisal or pure wool cotton, but you can get them on some premium online stores. These mattresses are not easily available and quite expensive but considered to be the best choice when it comes to your baby’s health. Actually, the coir or natural fibre mattresses hold their shape for many years, which guarantees sound sleep for your child during their growing years.

Buying a good mattress in Singapore isn’t a herculean task as all you need to do is a little online research and discussing the available options at parenting forums for better suggestions.

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