What Every Home Owner Must Know About Memory Foam Mattresses

What Every Home Owner Must Know About Memory Foam Mattresses

More and more people today are thinking of getting a memory foam mattress in Singapore. But, because they are relatively new to the market, most people know nothing about it other than what the salespeople will push to them.

Below, we took the time to break down everything that a homeowner needs to know about memory foam mattresses so they can decide if it is the best mattress in Singapore for them or not.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Worth The Money?

There’s no right or wrong answer here considering that mattresses are a very personal thing. Everyone has their own idea of what comfortable means for them.

As far as the numbers say, though, more people are likely to be satisfied with memory foam beds compared to conventional ones. Memory foam is also generally considered better compared to water and latex beds by owners.

Of course, as already mentioned, choosing mattresses is a very personal thing. Although the numbers say that memory foam mattresses are great, it’s still up to you to decide if they are worth the investment.

Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

  1. Pressure Point Relief

The main selling point of memory foam mattresses is how they respond to pressure. Because they were designed specifically to absorb heavier amounts of pressure compared to conventional beds, they are better able to accommodate the natural curvature of your body, which creates a sensation of weightlessness when lying down.

  1. Improved Back and Joint Support

Because your body weight is spread evenly across the surface of the memory foam, it’s also able to provide better support for your body’s natural alignment. Where other mattresses concentrate weight on the heaviest pressure points, memory foam mattresses allow for even pressure and make you sink evenly all over the bed.

  1. Limits Motion Transfer

If your partner often complains about how much you move while asleep, you might want to consider getting a memory foam mattress in Singapore.

Because these mattresses are built to absorb and spread pressure across the entire surface, there’s very little disturbance caused when you or your partner move around at night.

For this very same reason, memory foam mattresses are excellent for those who sleep with a pet as well.

Should You Buy a Memory Foam Mattress?

Again, as mentioned earlier, buying a mattress is a very personal choice, and it’s always up to you. However, as long as you’re okay with sleeping in a slightly warmer mattress and one with a slightly stronger smell for the first few weeks of use, then you might want to consider getting a memory foam mattress.

As a general rule of thumb, when shopping for any kind of mattress, always try to buy from a store that has a generous return policy. Even if it comes at an added premium, the luxury of being able to try out the mattress and break it in for a couple of weeks will allow you to decide properly if whether or not a memory foam mattress is the best choice for your needs or not.

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